Veterinary Acupuncture
Now serving Carroll County                
Acupuncture is based on an ancient system of close patient observation and examination to determine a specific pattern.  Needle placement is then determined based on that pattern and patient factors.
Acupuncture works by stimulating the body to help heal itself.  It is a gentle way to help improve quality of life, decrease pain, and increase functionality.
It is not magic or "voodoo" and it is not physically tolerated by everyone.  Acupuncture helps improve function but can not overcome structure issues.  Some conditions are best treated with Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used as support.
For example, "Rennie",  a 4 year old Sheltie, suffered a traumatic back injury and his hind legs were totally paralyzed for several days before he was able to have surgery.  With a combination of surgery, acupuncture, laser therapy, and swim therapy, he is now back on his feet and doing great!  See for yourself at  http://youtu.beJLfkfTRvv78 !
About Acupuncture